recommended bots? ankhbot, nightbot or moobot?

Discussion in 'Bots' started by fns4565, Aug 12, 2017.

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    Aug 12, 2017
    I prefer Ankhbot personally for the following reasons:

    • Points/currency systems
    • Can easily show people how long they have been a viewer in hours
    • Very easy to use programme
    • Easier than some bots to make custom commands plus no limit to the amount you can make
    • Built in poll, betting, games and heists as well as song requests.
    • Can name it whatever you like as long as you own the twitch account for it
    • Can make ranks for people
    Many other reasons really but I just prefer its user friendly style. It can do most everything I need in a bot.

    EDIT: The con to Ankhbot is it is no longer going to be getting new features added to it the developer has moved on, however bug fixes will be fixed. It has everything i want for now but in the feature this might not be enough. Deepbot is the paid for equivalent and that is still being updated.

    I also like nightbot but i prefer to not have to load the website to manage it. I know a lot of people like this.

    I dislike moobot quite a lot, I find it unreliable and the limits annoy me.

    I also vote for Ankhbot, the only con I have had with it is sometimes I can't see all of chat, as in some messages don't appear. However that only happened once and could have resulted from operator error. I really like the SFX feature where you can link different SFX to commands in your chat and then whoever you deem worthy enough has the ability to trigger those on a whim. You can set cooldown periods as well so you don't always hear, "And his name is John Cena..." just as an example. But that's one of my favorite things to use since I am trying to get people's support, so I make that feature an extra added bonus!

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