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    Apr 11, 2015
    • Must have at least 10 posts in other forums before you can create threads or reply
    • You must tag your thread by writing [WTS] or [WTB] at the beginning of your title
    • [WTB] = Wanting to Buy
    • [WTS] = Wanting to Sell
    • We encourage you to exchange feedback after a transaction

    Tips for Buyers
    • Be specific about what you want
    • State your budget
    • State your desired timeframe
    Tips for Sellers
    • Be specific about what you sell
    • Show samples of your work
    • List your price
    • List your turnaround time
    Examples of what you can sell or buy
    • Overlays
    • Buttons, logos or other channel art
    • Web design
    • Channel bots
    Selling another person's work or selling tools that are unethical and/or directly violate a platform's Terms of Service is strictly prohibited.
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