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    Dec 17, 2016
    Hello, I have been setting up Voicemeeter Banana using your guide and it works. Now I am following that guide :
    At step 4.2 when I have to setup Audio Device type as ASIO, as soon as I click for device as "Voicemeeter Insert Virtual ASIO" I am getting an error popup :

    Error When trying to open audio device!
    Can't set sample rate: 44100

    I tried everything I guess, changing ASIO type , preferred sample rate etc... restarting every time both softwares and I am still getting that error again and again and can't go on with the tutorial...

    Does anybody know what is happening, how to solve it and what could I do please?


    Edit : Problem solved ! Thanks to the kind persons on Discord Lowco2525 (author) and Ocgineer

    Answer : shutdown Voicemeeter Banana, start Minihost Modular and there you go.. your preferences will allow you to set the device correctly, then you can start VM and since your preferences are set now, you will never have the trouble to launch the softwares in that order (that is, you can start VM first)
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